Bike Night with The Boothill Band!!

Ya’ll get ready to party tonight!! Put your dancin shoes on and get your asses out to Shotz for the best show in the burg!!! The Boothill Band is back!!! They never disappoint and were ready to get it started!! Cold Beers, Great Friends, and Killer Music!!! What a way to kick off the weekend!! We’ll have the Clemson game on at 7 so come on out and get some dinner before the show!! See yall tonight!!!

Jam Night With Shane Pruitt and T. J. Jeter!!

Tonigh is the night to be at Shotz!! Shane and T.J. will start playin around 8!! Yall bring your instruments and singin voices out with ya and jump up there with em!! Guaranteed to be a great show and a great time had by all!! $2 Miller lite Bottles, $12.50 Domestic Buckets, $3 Fireball or Jagerbombs, and $1 off ALL whiskeys and blends!!  Check out our menu and let Eddie cook your dinner tonight!! Karelyrae will be here ready for ya to get to drinkin!! Come help her cheer on the Indians in the final Playoff games!! See ya tonight!!

Bike Night with The Enoree Three!!

Its Finally Friday!!! Get on the bikes or jump in the car and get your butts to the bar!! Weve got a great group of guys playin for yall tonight!! Sure to be a fantastic night of music, laughs and drinkin!!! Tons of drink and food specials to keep your wallet happy and your weekend buzz goin strong!! Come see Karleyrae and Brittany and they’ll fix ya up for the start of a great weekend!! See yall at Shotz!!!

Bike Night with Loaded Toad!!

Who doesn’t love a lil Loaded Toad?!?! We’ve not found a soul yet!! Every show is as good as the last and we can’t wait for tonights!! Perfect night to ride out and have some cold beers and a ton of good times!! We’ve got the best people in the whole town of Spartanburg and they’ll welcome ya with open arms!! Come be a part of our Family and enjoy your weekend with us!! We’ve ALWAYS got $12.50 Domestic Buckets of Beer,  $3 Fireballs, and $3 Jagerbombs!! Tonight im gonna throw in some $4 Jack Daniels and $4 Cuervo Gold!!  Happy Friday!!! See ya at Shotz!!

Jam Night With Shane Pruitt and Rick Kirby!! Service Industry Night!!

Y’all come out and be a part of the show tonight with these two amazing musicians!! Bring your instruments, sangin voices and asses to shotz and play the night away with us!! Its Whiskey Wednesday so its $1 off ALL Whiskey blends in the house!! not to mention we’ve always got $3 Fireball or Jagerbombs, $4 House liquor, and $12.50 Domestic Buckets!!  Tonight we spoil our server/bartender/ hospitality folks too!! You guys get Happy hour all night long, bring your badges or wear your uniform out and enjoy $2 house vodka, $3 Bahama Mamas, and $2 Fatty Nattys!! We’ll see y’all tonight!!

Bike night with The Rockafellers!!!

Its a beautiful night for a ride, yes? Yall come on out and catch the band, get some cold drinks and have a kick ass Friday night with us!! All your girls are here behind the bar ready and waiting to get ya goin!! The Rockafellers are ready to rock the night away, so get your butts on the bikes and ride out to Shotz!! (cars, trucks and vans are also acceptable lol) See yall in a bit!!!!

Shane Pruitt and Rick Kirby jammin at Shotz!!

Best show in town tonight will be right here at Shotz!! Yall bring your instruments and singin voices and lets jam!!  Everyone is welcome to play and if ya dont, youll still hear some great music by some of the finest musicians in the burg!! Come on out for dinner and some cocktails, eat drink and be merry with us!!  Ladies…you get happy hour all night long!!  Cant beat that!!

Bike Night w/ The Boogie Children!!

Lets get ready to rock into the weekend with The Boogie Children tonight at Shotz!! Rain or shin, we are gonna have a hella good time!!  We’ve got some killer drink specials tonight and yours truly in the kitchen whippin up dinner!! Get out here and hang with the best of the best in spartanburg,!!  We love yall and we’ll see yall tonight!!

Jam Night w/ Shane Pruitt and Ricky Kirby!!!

Hello my loveys!! We’re in for a musical treat tonight for sure!! Ya’ll come check out Shane Pruitt and Rick Kirby tonight for our open jam!! Bring your instruments in and jump up with em or sing a few songs!! Who knows…maybe Penelope and Sasha will show up?!?!? Best show in town is tonight at Shotz!! Ladies, you are pretty and we love you, so you get happy hour prices all night!! See yall in after work for Happy Hour!!

The Boogie Children Friday at 9!!

First and foremost id like to apologize to the guys from Loaded Toad for double booking this weekend, i have gotten myself in a mess and i thank yall for understanding!! That being said, the guys from The Boogie Children will be here Friday night at 9 to Rock with us!! They put on a hell of a show and play theyre hearts out every time so were lucky to have em join us for Bike night this friday!!  Yall come check em out!! Weve got all kinda drink and food specials goin on and dont forget…were now open on Sundays!!

Bike Night with Rockin Randall!!

Hey my loves!! Were getting the weekend started right with Rockin Randall tonight at Shotz!! He plays everything you can think of throwin at him so get ready to sing and dance your hearts out!! Weve got some killer food and drink specials!! Try our Ribeye steak with two sides for $11.99 and weve always got $3 Fireball or Jagerbombs, and $12.50 buckets of ice cold beer!! Ya’ll dont forget about out 2 Year Anniversary and Sunday Grand Opening Party!! Starts at 2 this Sunday!! You dont wanna miss it!!

Rick Kirby and Hunter Thackson tonight at Shotz!!

Hey guys!! Rick and Hunter are hosting Jam Night at Shotz tonight starting at 8!! Bring your instruments or jump up and sing with em!! We love when these guys are here, its always a great show and we laugh endlessly!! yall come see em tonight and see Ginger, Jamie and Karleyrae as well!! Weve got some games lined up if yall feel up to playin and dont forget about our Blind Draw Pool Tourney tomorrow at 7:30!!